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There are a variety of engineering programs at colleges and universities around the country. These include programs with a focus on electrical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and industrial engineering. Each program consists of a number of different courses, and each course has one or multiple textbooks that are used for them.

According to, which is a website that ranks all kinds of textbooks based on a number of factors, the following books are considered the top 10 engineering textbooks based on how comprehensive and informative they are for the relevant courses in which they are used. These books were published in the last few years and are books that are currently in use in engineering courses:

1) Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design (Ninth Edition) by Richard Budynas and Keith Nisbett (2010 – McGraw Hill)
2) Mechanics of Materials (Sixth Edition) by Ferdinand Beer, Jr., E. Russell Johnston, John DeWolf, and David Mazurek (2011 – McGraw Hill)
3) Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach with Student Resources (Seventh Edition) by Yunus Cengel and Michael Boles (2010 – McGraw Hill)
4) Introduction to Heat Transfer (Sixth Edition) by Theodore Bergman, Adrienne Lavine, David DeWitt, and Frank Incropera (2011 – John Wiley and Sons, Inc.)
5) Mechanics of Materials (Eighth Edition) by Russell C. Hibbeler (2010 – McGraw Hill)

6) Numerical Methods for Engineers (Sixth Edition) by Steven Chapra and Raymond Canale (2009 – McGraw Hill)
7) Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics (Sixth Edition) by Bruce Roy Munson,  Donald F. Young, and Theodore H. Okiishi (2009 – John Wiley and Sons, Inc.)
8) Heat and Mass Transfer: Fundamentals and Applications + EES DVD for Heat and Mass Transfer (Fourth Edition) by Yunus Cengel, Afshin Ghajar (2010 – McGraw Hill)
9) Fundamentals of Aerodynamics (Fifth Edition) by John Anderson, Jr. (2010 – McGraw Hill)
10) Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications (Fifth Edition) by Allan R. Hambley (2010 – Prentice Hall)

Obviously there are many other engineering books that are just as informative and resourceful as these, especially books that were published prior to 2009 that were not included on this list. However, if you are an engineering student who has to buy one of these books, you will be in good hands. Browse for the best prices on them at