You will need lots of these bills to afford these textbooks. (Image credit: The Comedian)

When you go to college, there are plenty of expenses to consider. These may include the cost of tuition, the cost of rent for a dorm room, and the cost of food so that students have enough energy for their coursework. However, there is one cost that all college students must face no matter how much they are spending on other things. That cost is the price of textbooks.

According to a CBS News report from 2010, college students spend up to $1,000 on textbooks each year. Believe it or not, there are actually some individual books that exceed this price. The following books are the top 10 most expensive college textbooks in the United States. These books were found on the Valore Books used textbook website:

1) Acta Philosophorum: The First Journal of Philosophy – $1,450

2) Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications – $1,215

3) Management Science: An Anthology – $850

4) History of Early Film – $740

5) Biostatistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology – $665

6) Companion Encyclopedia of Psychology – $600

7) Feminism and Politics – $600

8) Concepts and Design of Chemical Reactors – $593

9) Advanced Semiconductor and Organic Nano-Techniques – $570

10) Ethics in Business and Economics – $550

You have to shake your head in disbelief when you look at these incredibly high prices. There are a number of factors that play a role in why these particular books and others are sold for such a high amount. According to Valore Books, there is a great deal of research that goes into the creation of these textbooks. Many of these books contain exclusive information and research that cannot be found in other sources. Another reason is that there are so few copies of these textbooks on the market. Like any rare or historic item, these books are hard to find – and are certainly hard to purchase for college students.

Since many of these texts are so rare and only a limited number of them are actually available, there is a good chance that you won’t have to worry about getting them for your classes. If for some reason you actually have to buy one of these, the best thing to do is shop around and look for used or rental copies of the book on sites like or – check them both and more here at Even the prices on these versions would likely be exorbitant as well, but at least you could have a little money left to order a pizza that should last a few days.