Japanese tea gardens at the University of Hawaii (Photo by Nick Mote)

The University of Hawaii is a major university system that encompasses several colleges and universities in the Hawaiian Islands. The flagship campus for the University of Hawaii is located in Manoa, which is an area of Honolulu on the island of Oahu. This campus serves over 20,000 students each academic year. The athletic teams at Hawaii are called the Warriors. When it comes to buying textbooks, Hawaii students have some choices on where to get their books. The following bookstores are the best places to check:

The official campus bookstore is called the University of Hawaii Manoa Bookstore. It is situated in the heart of the main campus at 2465 Campus Road. This bookstore supplies all textbooks and course materials for Hawaii students in all academic disciplines. Books are available as brand new or gently used. You can also rent a large selection of textbooks and save between 50% and 80% off the regular list price. In addition, you can purchase digital versions of your textbooks from the store, which means even more savings. This bookstore sells lots of other items, including study aids, reference books, graduation items, and Warriors gear. There is also an option to reserve books and pick them up at your convenience. The store sells computer items at discounted prices as well, including iPads.

Barnes & Noble has a location in downtown Honolulu that is fairly close to the Hawaii campus in Mano. It’s at 1450 Ala Moana Boulevard, #1272. B&N is stocked with a huge selection of books, and this selection includes academic books and other titles commonly used in English or literature classes at the University of Hawaii. The store is also known for selling the Nook e-reader, which is a fantastic device for college students. The Nook allows you to read digital textbooks no matter where you want to read and study for your classes. The store carries general school supplies like backpacks and binders as well.

Since some of the local textbook outlets around Honolulu have closed, we recommend shopping for textbooks online if you can’t find them in the campus bookstore or at Barnes & Noble. Chegg.com is an awesome textbook rental site, and you can literally save up to 90% on textbooks when renting them from Chegg.com. You should also check out Amazon.com for millions of textbooks. You can primarily buy books new or used on Amazon, and their prices on new books tend to be much cheaper than buying them new at other stores. Both of these websites have a variety of shipping options, too. Instead of going to each of these sites, just search here at Textbooks.org and you’ll get the prices from them all displayed on one page.