A military parade at VMI (Photo by The National Guard)

The Virginia Military Institute, also known as VMI, is considered the oldest public military college and is located in Lexington, Virginia. Founded in 1839, VMI enrolls about 1,500 students each academic year, all of whom are undergraduates pursuing a bachelor’s degree. The athletic teams at VMI are called the Keydets, and Moa the Kangaroo is the official school mascot. Since VMI is a small college, students have limited options on buying textbooks. Here are the best places to look on campus and from other sources if you are shopping for textbooks:

The VMI Bookstore, which is housed inside Lejeune Hall right in the center of campus, is the primary textbook provider of Virginia Military Institute students and faculty. When you shop at the VMI Bookstore, you know you are getting the right materials for your classes because the staff members work directly with the college’s faculty. Fortunately, this store offers a number of options on textbooks. You can get your books brand new. You can buy them used and save up to 25% off the regular list price. You can rent them and get up to 50% off, and you can buy digital versions of your books for savings of up to 60% off the regular hardback price. Renting books and going digital are really the best options when it comes to saving money. In addition to textbooks, the bookstore sells school supplies, dorm room essentials, and graduation items if your time to shine in your cap and gown is approaching. Various technology items like computer hardware and software are on sale at discounted prices for students. Hats, shirts, and game-day accessories sporting the Keydets name and logo are available as well.

Lexington Books & Co. at 29 West Nelson Street in downtown Lexington is a great local bookstore with a huge variety of books and other items. This bookstore does not specifically carry a large inventory of college textbooks, but the there are a number of textbooks available for purchase and a friendly staff member can specially order your textbooks for you. Because this is a local independent bookstore, you have a much better chance of saving money when you shop here since the prices are inexpensive and reasonable for students and readers of all different budgets. The store has a nice selection of used books at very reasonable prices as well, including academic books. You can order books online, too.

Bookery Limited at 107 West Nelson Street in Lexington is a highly rated bookstore with a great selection that has served the local Lexington area for a number of years. This store has a small selection of used textbooks at great prices. Even if your books are not in stock, you can probably have them ordered for you. For more information about Bookery Limited, call the store at 540-464-3377.