The University of Delaware campus (Photo by Mathieu Plourde)

The University of Delaware is a major university in Newark, Delaware. Founded in 1743, the school is one of the oldest universities in the United States. Commonly referred to as UD, the university currently has a student enrollment of about 20,000, and most students are enrolled in undergraduate programs. The athletic teams at Delaware are known as the Blue Hens. Students at the University of Delaware have some options on where to buy their textbooks. Here are the best bookstores to look for books:

The Barnes & Noble UD Bookstore at 83 East Main Street is the official bookstore at the University of Delaware. Housed in the heart of campus, the UD Bookstore provides all required and recommended materials for students to succeed in their classes at the university. That is why you can be assured you’re buying the right stuff when you purchase your textbooks here. There are several options on textbooks, which is always a good thing for college students on tight budgets. If you prefer buying your books and keeping them, you can buy new and used textbooks. If you’d rather save a little more money and explore your other options, you can rent textbooks to save up to 50% off the regular list price. You can buy a big selection of books as digital versions as well, which is another great way to save money. The store is fully stocked with other merchandise that college students need, including school supplies, Blue Hens clothing and gear, and computer hardware and software. These technology items are available at reduced prices for students.

The Delaware Book Exchange at 58 East Main Street is an excellent off-campus bookstore serving University of Delaware students. This store makes it a priority to offer the lowest possible prices on textbooks and other materials for college students. Although you can buy textbooks for low prices in both new and used conditions, you can also exchange your used textbooks for the ones you will need for your upcoming classes. There could be an additional fee depending on the exchange, but in many cases, you can exchange books for no additional fee. The store offers numerous rental textbooks as well. This bookstore is conveniently located just down the street from the Delaware campus and easy to get to for all students. Open seven days a week, the store will buy back your used books as well and sells most of its inventory online for your convenience.

Lieberman’s University Bookstore is another top-notch bookstore that sells tons of textbooks at fantastic low prices. Situated close to campus at 45 East Main Street, Lieberman’s has serve Delaware students and faculty for many years. You will find most of your textbooks here, and even if they aren’t on the shelves, they can be ordered for you and either shipped to you or made available for pickup at the store. One benefit of shopping here is that you can reserve all of your books in advance. This gives you the chance to select the types of books you really want and gives you a head-start on the book-buying process to avoid the mad rush at the beginning of each semester. When you buy your books here, you will be guaranteed to save lots of money. Open Monday through Friday, you can also buy lots of other school and dorm supplies here.

Finally, Barnes & Noble has a separate store aside from the B&N-owned campus bookstore. This store is at 340 Christiana Mall. At B&N, you can get all kinds of books, including academic books and books to read in your spare time. The store’s popular Nook e-reader is a great option for college students as well. Stop by this store if you can’t find your books at the other off-campus bookstores, or shop online on the B&N website, which has a much larger selection.