The Eastern Washington Eagle mascot (Photo by Karyn Christner)

Eastern Washington University is a public higher-level educational institution in Cheney, Washington. Eastern Washington was founded in 1882 and has over 10,000 students enrolled in classes each academic year. The athletic teams at the school are known as the Eagles, and the official school mascot is Swoop. Students at Eastern Washington can find their textbooks both on-campus and at a few locations in the Cheney area. Here are the bookstores to check out for textbooks:

The University Bookstore is the main on-campus bookstore at Eastern Washington University. The staff members at this bookstore are in close contact with the faculty at Eastern Washington, so students can be assured that they are receiving the correct items when they shop here. You can purchase new and used textbooks. You can rent textbooks as well, which is probably the best way to go if you want to get your books, save money, and then get them off your back when classes are over. Open Monday through Saturday, the store also carries a variety of other items, which include Eagles apparel for fans of all ages, discounted technology items, graduation supplies, and general books. You can return most items purchased here for a full refund regardless of whether you bought them at the store or online. Plus you can sell your books back to the store and possibly exchange them if the amounts you are dealing with are about equal. The store offers discounts and specials on its Facebook page as well. In addition, a variety of special events are held at the store throughout each semester.

Tree of Knowledge Bookstore at 409 1st Street in downtown Cheney is a unique bookstore. It can be described as a “metaphysical bookstore.” But don’t let this name confuse you. Even though the store sells various items like candles and other items used in certain cultural rituals, the store carries a large and comprehensive selection of textbooks for Eastern Washington students. You can search for your books on the store’s website by entering your class schedule and selecting the courses you are enrolled in.  The prices on textbooks here are very reasonable, and the selection includes both new and used books. Many students consider this store to be the only true off-campus outlet in Cheney because of how close it is to campus and how many textbooks are on the shelves here. Tree of Knowledge Bookstore offers personalized service to ensure you get what you need. Online ordering is also an option, and you can have your books shipped to you no matter where you are when you need to order them. General books and unique Eagles apparel are available as well.

Since Eastern Washington University’s main campus in Cheney is kind of rural, you may want to drive to nearby Spokane to check out Barnes & Noble. This B&N location is only about 20 minutes away and is situated at 4750 North Division Street in downtown Spokane. B&N sells all kinds of books, and this book selection includes numerous academic books and literature texts commonly used in undergraduate and graduate English courses. B&N is known for its Nook e-reader, and this device is a great tool for college students who want to read their digital textbooks on it. B&N also has a massive selection of books online, so if you can’t make it to this store, be sure to check for books online because you can find some decent prices this way.