The University of Montana campus (Photo by prizrak2084)

The University of Montana is a major public research university based in Missoula, Montana. Founded in 1893, the university calls itself a “city within a city” because of how much area it encompasses. Montana enrolls over 15,000 students each academic year. The athletic teams at the school are known as the Grizzlies and primarily compete in the Big Sky Conference. Montana students have a few options on where to buy textbooks. The following places carry textbooks both on-campus and elsewhere:

The Bookstore at the University of Montana
is the official textbook outlet for students at faculty at the school. It is located inside the University Center in the heart of campus at 5 Campus Drive. Originally founded in 1921 as a much smaller store, The Bookstore currently sells all textbooks, study aids, and reference manuals for students at every academic level at the University of Montana. You can either buy or rent your books from the store. In addition, you can reserve books in advance to make sure you get them before classes start and to get the best prices on them while the cheaper versions are still available. Textbook exchanges are another option. Other merchandise at the store includes graduation supplies, Grizzlies apparel, and school supplies. Be sure to check out the store’s Facebook page for special offers, discounts, and gift card giveaways.

Textbook Stop is a nationwide textbook chain that serves numerous colleges and universities by offering great low prices and tons of rental options on textbooks. Textbook Stop has a location in downtown Missoula close to the Montana campus at 1001 East Broadway Street. This store’s selection of textbooks for rent is amazing, and there is no reason you shouldn’t rent your books because you can save money when you get them and then you can get rid of them right away when classes end so that you have more room in your dorm for the next set of books you will need. Textbook Stop also has a huge inventory of used textbooks, which are also priced very inexpensively. You can sell your books back to the store for decent buyback prices as well. Most books can be purchased online.

The Shipping Depot at 2120 South Reserve Street in downtown Missoula primarily operates as a shipping and packaging center. But the store also has a special service that deals with textbook buybacks and rentals. You can sell your old textbooks to this store, and the staff here will work hard to find potential buyers for them and then will ship the books out. These buybacks can be done all year long, which is something many bookstores don’t’ offer. You can also rent textbooks and then return them to this store. In addition, the store works with Textbook Stop and offers the ability to purchase some textbooks here as well.

Barnes & Noble has a location in Missoula fairly close to the Montana campus at 2640 North Reserve Street. You can always trust B&N for carrying a great inventory of books on all subjects. This inventory includes academic books. Even if you want to pick up a book to read in your free time, you can do that as well. B&N also carries the Nook e-reader, which is a handy device for college students who can get digital versions of their textbooks and can read them on this e-reader.