The University of Nevada campus in Reno (Photo by Ed Biernah)

The University of Nevada is a major public research university with its main campus located in Reno, Nevada. Founded in 1874, the University of Nevada is known for its highly-regarded College of Engineering. The school has a current annual enrollment of over 18,000 students, the majority of whom are enrolled in undergraduate studies. The sports teams at Nevada compete in the Western Athletic Conference and are known as the Wolf Pack. Blue and sliver are the official school colors. In terms of textbooks, Nevada students have a few options on where to buy their books. Here are the best stores to check out:

The Nevada Wolf Shop may sound like a place that sells wolves. But it’s actually the official textbook provider of the University of Nevada in Reno. The Nevada Wolf Shop, which is housed in the center of campus, carries tons of new and used textbooks for students in every major at the school. You can buy either new or used textbooks at this store. You can also rent a wide selection of books and save lots of money this way. In addition, you can sell back your books to the store for cash on the spot. The buyback periods are held at certain times throughout the year. Wolf Pack clothing, gifts, and souvenirs are available as well. Discounted computer hardware and software are for sale at great prices, so if you need any technology-related item, you should check here first to see if it’s available at an educational discount.

Textbook Brokers is a privately owned textbook outlet that is part of a larger national chain of bookstores. There is a location in downtown Reno close to the Nevada campus at 910 Parr Boulevard, Suite 4. Textbook Brokers sells college textbooks to students at all local colleges and universities. The prices on the textbooks here are very reasonable, especially for the used books. There is no reason to buy brand new books if you can find them used, and the staff here will do its best to help you in this process. The used books are also in very good condition. If you have textbooks piling up in your dorm room, sell them back to Textbook Brokers and get a good chunk of change for them. You will walk out of this store with the textbooks you need and plenty of cash left in your wallet.

The Reno Book Exchange is an online-only company that helps students and readers alike exchange books. The site was founded in 2006 by two college students who realized that students were suffering by having to buy very expensive textbooks. The site’s concept is simple. All you have to do is register and list all the books you would like to either sell or exchange for other books. Of course you can also buy books without having to exchange or sell any of your own. The site encourages college students to sell textbooks and has a great selection of textbooks on there. If you are looking for an easy way to either buy or sell textbooks, especially if you’re a student in the Reno area, this website is right up your alley.

Barnes & Noble at 5555 South Virginia Street is a great retail bookstore chain. This location is fairly close to the Nevada campus. B&N has one of the largest selection of books both in-store and online. You can purchase books in almost every subject matter imaginable, including tons of academic textbooks and literature books. B&N is known for its Nook e-reader device. This is a great tool for college students who can get digital copies of their textbooks.