Kingman Farm at the University of New Hampshire (Photo by Ryan Kelly)

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) is a large public university with its main campus in Durham, New Hampshire. Originally established in 1866, the school is the largest university in the state and currently enrolls about 15,000 students. Most students are enrolled in undergraduate programs. The school’s athletic teams are known as the Wildcats. When it comes to textbooks, New Hampshire students have some options on where to buy their textbooks. Here are the best places to look for books:

The UNH Bookstore is the official campus bookstore at the University of New Hampshire. The store is housed inside the Memorial Union Building near the center of the Durham campus at 83 Main Street. The UNH Bookstore carries all of the required and recommended materials that students need for each of their classes, regardless of their academic level or major. You have lots of options on how to acquire your textbooks here. You can get new, used, rental, and digital textbooks. Quite a few books are now available for rent, and this is really the best way to save on them. When you rent a book, you get it for the semester and then get it off your hands when your classes are over. Digital textbooks are very inexpensive. More and more books are being made available digitally, so be sure to check here or on the store’s website to find out if your books are available in a digital format. In addition to books, you can purchase software and hardware at reduced prices. A variety of other items like Wildcats team apparel, school supplies, and general books are for sale. Plus the store partners with local retailers to offer students special savings.

Durham Book Exchange is your best choice when it comes to an off-campus textbook outlet in the Durham area. Located near the UNH campus at 36 Main Street, the Durham Book Exchange has very reasonable prices on textbooks and a few other college supplies. You can also sell back your books all year long, which is an option not commonly offered at other stores. The store will exchange your used textbooks for new ones as well. Open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., this store also sells new and used textbooks and offers a variety of other options. Stop by with your book list or bring in your old books today to find out how the staff here can best accommodate your needs.

The Durham Book Warehouse at 53 Main Street in nearby Newmarket is a huge bookstore with lots of books on all kinds of subjects. You will find a reasonable selection of academic books and textbooks here at low prices. If you can’t find your books elsewhere, stop in here or call the store at 603-659-8662 to see if your books are in stock.