The Oxford University Press headquarters (Photo by Duncan Hull)

Oxford University Press is a major publishing department at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. It is considered both a university department and a separate company but is directly connected to the university. This school is the second-oldest continuously operating university in the world, and the Oxford University Press is therefore one of the oldest publishing companies as well. It was originally established in 1586 and was at the forefront of printing and typography when it was first established. It is considered the largest university press in the world.

The organization has a rich history. It actually began printing materials in the 1480s right after the invention of the printing press. These included bibles, religious texts, and scholarly works primarily for students who studied in the many religious schools at the time. By the 20th century, UOP began producing more and more college textbooks for students around the world. The company has an office in New York City as well as offices in various developed nations worldwide. In the U.S., books that are printed include scholarly works, reference manuals, medical textbooks, and a variety of other textbooks. Additionally, many books are published for elementary and secondary school students in the both the U.S. and globally. The company currently employs about 4,000 individuals and produces roughly 4,500 new or updated editions of books each year.

Along with textbooks, the organization produces a variety of dictionaries, atlases, and reference materials for both academic purposes and for the general public. To meet the ever-increasing technology demands of students, educators, and lifelong learners alike, UOP has created what is called “Oxford Reference Online,” which is a service that allows users to access digital versions of most of its reference materials. This service is free to use for college students whose schools subscribe to it.

Here are some textbooks and other materials published by Oxford University Press:

There’s No Such Thing As Free Speech: And It’s A Good Thing, Too by Stanley Fish (1994)

New Oxford American Dictionary (Third Edition) (2010)

The 1928 Book of Common Prayer (Leather Bound Edition) (2007)

The Art of War (Oxford University Press) by Sun Tzu, B. H. Liddell Hart, and Samuel B. Griffith (1971)

Rainbow’s End: The Crash of 1929: Oxford University Press: Pivotal Moments in US History by Maury Klein and Sean Crisden (2011)

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