Students will likely study the magnificent architecture of Rome in these textbooks. (Photo by Leo-seta)

Architecture is a major that many college students choose because of the creativity and conceptualization involved in it. There is so much to learn when it comes to designing structures from small homes for single people to large venues that hold tens of thousands of people. That is why it takes a great deal of studying to learn the various concepts that are part of this field.

According to Top 10 textbooks, these are the top 10 architecture college textbooks currently on the market and in use at schools around the country:

1) The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture (Atlas Edition) by Editors of Phaidon Press (2004 – Phaidon Press)

2) Architecture: Form, Space, and Order (Third Edition) by Francis D. K. Ching (2007 – John Wiley and Sons, Inc.)

3) Metric Handbook Planning and Design Data (Fourth Edition) by David Littlefield (2011 – Architectural Press)

4) Components and Connections: Principles of Construction (First Edition) by Maarten Meijs and Ulrich Knaack (2009 – Birkhauser Architecture)

5) Structure and Fabric (Seventh Edition) by Jack Stroud Forster, Raymond Harrington and Roger Greeno (2007 – Prentice Hall)

6) Design Drawing (Second Edition) by Francis D. K. Ching and Steven P. Juroszek (2010 – John Wiley and Sons, Inc.)

7) Phaidon Design Classics (3 Volume Set) (Pts. 1, 2 & 3) (First, Second, and Third Edition) by Editors of Phaidon Press (2006 – Phaidon Press)

8) Sir Banister Fletcher’s A History of Architecture (Twentieth Edition) by Dan Cruickshank (1996 – Butterworth Heineman)

9) Architectural Graphic Standards (Eleventh Edition) by The American Institute of Architects (2007 – John Wiley and Sons, Inc.)

10) The Encyclopedia of Housing (Encyclopedia Edition) by Dr. Willem Van Vliet (1998 – Sage Publications, Inc.)

Compared to textbooks on other subjects, these architecture books span a much longer period of time. As noted in the list, some books that were published in the 1990s are still in use today. Not only that, but also they are considered some of the best architecture books based on content, even though many more have since been published. So if you need one of these books for an architecture course, don’t think that just because it was published a long time ago that it isn’t useful now. Make sure to check to compare prices on each of these books before buying them.