A rodeo on the Cal Poly campus (Photo by Omar Barcena)

California Polytechnic State University, also commonly referred to as Cal Poly, is a large public university in San Luis Obispo, California. Originally established in 1901, the school is now over 100 years old. It enrolls about 18,000 students during each academic year. Most students are undergraduates as there are only about 1,000 graduate students on campus. The athletic teams at Cal Poly are called the Mustangs, and the official school colors are green and gold. Cal Poly students have a couple of options on where to buy their textbooks. The following bookstores are the best places to look for books:

El Corral Bookstore is the official provider of textbooks and course materials for Cal Poly students and faculty. It is housed on campus inside the University Union building. Students will find all of the textbooks that are either required or recommended when shopping here. One of the great things about this store is that it offers a huge number of books for rent. There are also five different rental periods you can choose from, which is great for students who like options on when to pick up and return their books. Of course you can also purchase new and used textbooks here, and the used books are priced very reasonably. The store carries a ton of other merchandise. You will find dorm essentials, graduation items, Mustangs gear, and technology items sold at discounted prices for students. The store offers great options on shipping as well. As of this post, there is currently a contest going on to rename the store. The winner receives a new scooter. Check out the store’s website for details!

SLO Textbooks at 973 East Footbill Boulevard is a great off-campus outlet for textbooks that is very close to the Cal Poly campus. SLO Textbooks offers a great selection of used textbooks at low prices. You will also find lots of books for rent, which is another good way of saving some cash. Open seven days a week, the store serves both Cal Poly and other local colleges in the area. Call the bookstore at 805-439-1163 to see if your books are in stock and if you can reserve them before you make a trip to the store.

If you can’t find your textbooks at these two stores, be sure to check out Textbooks.org where you can compare prices on all kinds of books. In addition to comparing prices of new and used books, there is a feature to search for rental options on the site as well. This makes it very quick and easy to find the best prices on college textbooks without spending much time doing a lot of research.