A snowy winter at the University of North Dakota (Photo by Eva Corazon)

The University of North Dakota (UND) is a public research university in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The school was founded in 1883 and currently enrolls over 12,000 students. The athletic teams at the university are called the Fighting Sioux. When it comes to textbooks, North Dakota students know how important it is to shop around in order to find the best deals. Here are some of the best bookstores to check out on campus and in the area:

The University of North Dakota Bookstore is the official campus bookstore at UND. It is situated in the heart of campus at 775 Hamline Street. Open seven days a week, this store carries all of the textbooks and course supplies that students need to succeed in their classes. You can purchase books in new, used, or digital format. You can rent many textbooks as well. The store has a huge inventory of Fighting  Sioux items, including a great clearance section with discounts of up to 50% off. Technology items like hardware and software, school supplies like binders and planners, and general books are available for purchase as well. You can certainly be assured that you are buying the right items when you shop here.

The Dakota Textbook Co. is considered the top off-campus textbook store in the Grand Forks area that serves North Dakota students. It’s at 415 North 42nd Street. The staff here is very friendly and helpful. They will do everything in their power to make sure students get the best deals on books. For instance, the store will beat any price a student brings in from another store by up to 10%, including on used books. The selection of used books here is great, and students can rent practically every textbook they need as well. You will also find a large collection of Fighting Sioux gear and clothing, which is also priced very reasonably. Items include t-shirts, hats, and hoodies for fans of all ages. In addition, students can sell back their books to the store for great rates. This really is one of the better off-campus bookstores you will find.

Ferguson Books & Media at 3750 32nd Avenue South is an excellent independent bookstore in downtown Grand Forks. Although the store does not specialize in textbooks, there is a small selection of used textbooks here. A friendly staff member will also assist you in ordering your books if they are not in stock. Every customer receives a free cup of coffee at the store and a free used book with the purchase of a new book. So even if you’re just looking for a leisure read, you will enjoy everything about this store.