A University of Richmond license plate (Photo by Eli Christman)

The University of Richmond is a small liberal arts university located in Richmond, Virginia. Founded originally in 1830, Richmond has an annual student enrollment of just over 4,000, and most students are enrolled in undergraduate academic programs. The school’s athletic teams are called the Spiders. When it comes to textbooks, Richmond students have a few options on where to get their books. The following bookstores are the best places to shop for textbooks:

The University of Richmond Bookstore, also known as the UR Spider Store, is the official campus bookstore at the school. It is housed on the second floor of the Tyler Haynes Commons building in the heart of the beautiful Richmond campus. Serving Richmond students and faculty since 1976, this bookstore carries all the textbooks and course materials you will need to be successful in the upcoming semester. You can also rest assured that the books you buy here are the correct editions as the store deals directly with university faculty. There are a number of options on how to get your books when shopping here. You can buy your books new or used, rent your books for a fraction of the price, or get digital copies of them, many of which are free and open textbooks. Open Monday through Saturday, the store also carries a large selection of Spiders gear and clothing for students to show their school spirit and to root on the athletic teams. In addition, you can purchase discounted technology items like computer hardware and software. Most items sold in the store are sold online as well.

The Virginia Book Company at 900 West Franklin Street in downtown Richmond primarily serves students at Virginia Commonwealth University. However, this independent bookstore has loads of textbooks for University of Richmond students as well. The store offers personalized service and great prices on all of its merchandise. You will find a larger selection of used textbooks here than at other bookstores, meaning you have a much better chance of saving money when you shop here. In addition to buying books, there are more options to rent textbooks as well. Plus you can sell back your used textbooks for the store and get a nice amount of cash back for them. Other items available here include Greek items for students in fraternities and sororities, graduation items, and other school supplies. Remember that even as a Richmond student, you can still get great deals on books here, and the store is located close to the Richmond campus.

Barnes & Noble has always been known for having a great selection of books and other items to fulfill the needs of students of all ages. There is a Barnes & Noble location in the heart of Richmond at 5501 West Broad Street. Along with academic books and a big selection of other general titles, you can purchase the Nook e-reader here. This device is fantastic for college students who can get some of their textbooks digitally. It allows students the ability to read their books on the go, in the library, or in their dorm room. In terms of the books, you mostly find new books for sale here.