The London School of Economics where Meade taught. (Photo by Mark Hillary)

Many college textbook publishing companies come out with new editions of books every year with updates to certain aspects of how the books look and what they contain to reflect changing times. However, there are some books that remain timeless classics and have been used by college professors and studied by college students for decades, even though times have significantly changed since their publication dates. It is rare to see the same books show up on textbook lists for both fathers and sons who took economics classes in different eras, but this actually does occur at times.

A good example of this is how a large number of students have used the books written by James Edward Meade. Born in 1907 and deceased in 1995, Meade was a famous British economist who wrote a number of groundbreaking economics textbooks that are still in use today. Meade won the 1977 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences along with Bertil Ohlin, a fellow Swedish economist with whom Meade collaborated on certain writings and theories.

Meade was an economics professor at the London School of Economics (LSE) and at the University of Cambridge. He came up with numerous theories about economics and included them in his texts. He discussed direct taxation and its effects on economies around the world, particularly focusing on the United Kingdom’s economy as an advisor member of the Institute for Fiscal Studies committee. One of the philosophies that Meade came up with and wrote about was called “determinants of the rate of economic growth.” In it, he stated that the net output produced by an economy depends on the stock of machinery that already exists in the economy, the amount of land or natural resources that are available for employment in the economy, how much land and natural resources are available for production purposes, and how much progress has been made technologically within an economy.

Here are some of the books that Meade wrote during his long career as an economist:

The Theory of International Economic Policy – The Balance of Payments (1951)

Principles of Political Economy (Series: 1965-1976)

The Intelligent Radical’s Guide To Economic Policy (1975)

The Collected Papers of James Meade: International Economics (1989)

Liberty, Equality and Efficiency (1993)

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