The campus of Yale University (Photo by Lauren Manning)

Yale University Press is a textbook and academic materials publishing company in New Haven Connecticut. Founded in 1908, it was once a department within Yale University but is currently considered a separate organization. The press was founded by George Parmly Day and is based in New Haven, Connecticut.  In addition to its roots in the United States, the company also operates an office in London that serves the international textbook market.

Yale University Press publishes about 300 new hardcover books and 150 new paperbacks every year. The company currently has about 6,000 books that are in circulation and are used by students, professors, and professional researchers in various fields. Many books have won awards, including the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. Texts are divided into several different series, including the Yale Drama Series, the Future of American Democracy Series, and the Lamar Series in Western History.

In addition to publishing materials, Yale University Press offers what it calls the Yale Publishing Course. This is a specialized course for professionals in the publishing industry to learn new ways of leading their companies, particularly with the increased global market of books as well as a need to publish more digital content. The course was formerly offered at Stanford University.

Yale University Press published the following textbooks:

Melanoma: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment; Second Edition (Yale University Press Health & Wellness) by Catherine M. Poole and IV DuPont Guerry (1998)

Churchill’s Promised Land: Zionism and Statecraft (Yale University Press) by Michael Makovsky (2007)

Heart Care for Life: Developing the Program That Works Best for You (Yale University Press Health & Wellness) by Barry L. Zaret and Genell J. Subak-Sharpe (2006)

Art and Architecture in Italy, 1250-1400 (The Yale University Press Pelican History of Art) by John White (1993)

The Art and Architecture of Japan (The Yale University Press Pelican History of Art) by Robert T. Paine and Alexander Soper (1992)

To find these textbooks and more from Yale University Press, simply click over to where you can compare prices on all of these titles from a wide range of online booksellers. The used and rental versions of these books tend to cost much less if they are available.

To keep up with students’ technological needs in recent years, a number of Yale’s textbooks have been made available in digital format as e-books. They are sold through a number of retail and online booksellers, and many university bookstores offer them for free or to view for a limited time over the course of a semester.