The Towson University Union (Photo by Chris B.)

Towson University is a major public university in Towson, Maryland, which is located in Baltimore County. The school was originally established in 1866 and currently has an annual enrollment of over 21,000 students. The athletic teams at Towson are called the Tigers, and the school mascot is named Doc. The school colors are black and gold. Towson students have a few options on where to buy textbooks for their classes. Here are the best bookstores to shop at on and around campus:

The official campus bookstore at Towson is called the University Store. It is housed conveniently right on campus inside the University Union Building at 8000 York Road. When you shop at his store, you can be assured that you are buying the correct versions and editions of your textbooks. The store’s inventory includes new and used textbooks. There are also many books and course materials available online through the store’s website in digital form, and many of these are free. The store carries all kinds of school supplies and other merchandise, including desk chairs and lamps for your dorm or apartment. You can purchase custom diploma frames, technology items, and Tigers gear to show support for your school. In addition, the store offers an exclusive rewards program for frequent shoppers so you can save some money when buying your books and school supplies. There are buyback periods throughout the year and refunds on certain textbooks that are returned before a specific deadline. Open Monday through Saturday, the store also sells most of its inventory online.

The Towson Book Exchange is an excellent option if you are looking to buy your books off-campus and save money. Conveniently located just down the street from the Towson campus at 305 York Road, the Towson Book Exchange offers all kinds of options to save money on textbooks. You can purchase your books new or used, and there is a much larger selection of used books here. There are also some options on renting books, which is another good way to save. The store will buy your textbooks for cash on the spot every single day that it is open. It is typically open every day during peak times in the semester, but it is open Monday through Friday at other times. Ask about specials and coupons, which are occasionally available on the store’s website.

Big Heart Bookstore, which is located just 15 minutes away in nearby Baltimore, is an awesome local bookstore with a “big heart.” The store’s address is 5115 Crosswood Avenue so that you can plug it into your GPS and get there quickly. This bookstore is primarily run by current college students and recent graduates. Because of this, you are guaranteed to get great prices on books since the staff members here are aware of how much college students can afford to spend on their textbooks. You can find plenty of used books here at very low prices, and the staff will buy back your used books for more money than other bookstores. You know your money will be going to a good cause as well since the store works with local communities and does charity work. It’s just a short drive from Towson and is a fantastic place to shop for college textbooks.