The UC Davis campus (Photo by prayitno)

The University of California, Davis, commonly referred to as simply UC Davis, is a major public university based in Davis, California. The school is part of the University of California system. Originally established in 1905, UC Davis currently has an annual enrollment of over 32,000 students. Just over 7,000 of these students are enrolled in graduate programs. The athletic teams at UC Davis are called the Aggies, and the official school colors are blue and gold. When it is time for students at the school to buy their textbooks, they have some options on where to get them. Here are the best bookstores to check out for textbooks:

The UC Davis Bookstore is the official campus textbook outlet for UC Davis students and faculty members. It is housed inside the Memorial Union in the heart of campus at 1 Shields Avenue and is conveniently located no matter where you happen to be on campus. When shopping here, you can be assured that you get the correct materials for your classes since the professors at the school work directly with the bookstore. Just go to the store’s website, enter your course information, and you will receive a customized list of textbooks that are both required and recommended for each of your classes. The store has an awesome rental program that many students are beginning to adopt in order to save lots of money. In addition to textbooks, you will find lots of other merchandise here. This includes a large selection of school supplies, such as materials for medical and veterinary students. You can pick up cheap books in the bargain bin as well. There is a section with discounted technology items, and there is plenty of Aggies gear and clothing. Dell and Adobe are the official partners of the store.

Off-Campus Books at 236 A Street is a popular destination for students looking at other options on where to buy their books. This store has a wide selection of textbooks in various conditions, including many used books. Just bring in your book list and take a peek at the shelves to see if you can find what you need. The store will also buy back a large number of textbooks at various times throughout the year and will give you a reasonable rate for them. For more information on the store, or to find out if your books are in stock, call 530-758-2665. The store is open Monday through Friday and has extended hours during peak textbook-buying times. Some also refer to the store as Davis Textbooks, so don’t confuse the two and keep in mind that they are the same store.

Finally, Student Book Exchange in nearby Sacramento is a great place to buy and exchange your textbooks. It is located at 2100 11th Avenue in the Curtis Park area of Sacramento and is only a 20-minute drive from the UC Davis campus. This store has great prices on lots of used books and has several rental options, in addition to exchanges or trade-ins. Simply bring in the textbooks you want to exchange and trade them in for the ones you need for your upcoming classes. To find out more about the store and to check if your books are in stock before making the drive, call the store at 916-442-4890.