The UTSA campus (Photo by Brent Hellickson)

The University of Texas at San Antonio is a public university in San Antonio Texas and is part of the University of Texas system. It was originally established in 1969 and now enrolls over 30,000 students and employs over 1,300 academic faculty members. The school offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. UTSA’s athletic teams are known as the Roadrunners. Students at the university have a few options on where to get their textbooks. These bookstores are the best places to look both on campus and in the San Antonio area:

The official bookstore at the University of Texas at San Antonio is called the UTSA Bookstore. It is located at 1 UTSA Circle in the heart of campus. This store supplies all of the books and course materials that students need to be successful in their classes. There are several options on acquiring your books. You can either buy them new or used, rent them, or get digital copies of them. The books available for rent are really the best option for saving money. Other items for sale here include Roadrunners clothing and gear as well as technology items like hardware and software at discounted rates for students. The store has a reasonable returns policy and allows students to get a full refund on materials if they happen to drop a class before a certain deadline and no longer need the books for it. You can pre-order your books to make sure you get the ones you want before the mad rush, and you can buy almost everything online that is for sale in the actual store.

L&M Bookstore is a reputable independent bookstore situated at 15503 Babcock Road in the hart of San Antonio. At L&M, you can save lots of money on textbooks, school supplies, and team apparel. The store is open Monday through Saturday and has extended hours at peak times to better serve the crazy schedules of college students. The store has a great rental program and is fully stocked with a nice selection of used textbooks to help students save more money. Additionally, the store has discounted Roadrunners gear for you to show off your support for your school. Follow the store’s social media pages by visiting the store’s website to receive exclusive offers and discounts on items.

Textbook Rentals at 6851 North Loop 1604 West, Suite #102, is a great place to sell back and rent your textbooks. This store has served college students in the southern United States for 25 years and offers some of the best deals on textbooks. By renting a book, you can save so much compared to buying it, and it gets it off your hands when you are done with it so that you don’t have to worry about trying to re-sell it again. You can also sell your used books to the store for decent prices. Online ordering is an option as well.

Half Price Books has a name that says it all. The books here are literally half the price of what you’d pay elsewhere. There are a few locations in San Antonio, including one at 3207 Broadway Street. HPB has fabulous deals on textbooks and general titles, particularly on used textbooks. The store will also buy back your used textbooks and give you cash on the spot. There is a great selection of books you can order online, too. Just drop by the store and visit its website for more information.