The Villanova campus (Photo by Mathieu Plourde)

Villanova University, also referred to as ‘Nova, is a private Catholic university in Villanova Pennsylvania. The area is also called Radnor Township, which is just northwest of Philadelphia. Founded in 1842, Villanova currently enrolls over 10,000 students and employs over 500 academic faculty members. The school’s athletic teams are called the Wildcats, and the university is generally known in the sports world for its men’s basketball team. Since the school is located fairly close to the major city of Philadelphia, Villanova students have some options on where to get their textbooks. These bookstores are the best places to look for books:

The Villanova University Bookstore, which is housed inside Kennedy Hall on campus, is the primary textbook provider of the university. The store’s actual address is 800 Lancaster Avenue. Open Monday through Saturday, this store carries all of the required and recommended items for Villanova students. You can either buy your books new or used, or if you prefer, you can rent a huge selection of textbooks in order to save lots of money. Most textbooks can be purchased or rented right online, which is a great way to get them if you can’t get to the bookstore for some reason. The store carries all kinds of other merchandise like Wildcats fan gear, graduation supplies, backpacks, and even golf accessories to show off your support for your school. Shop here with confidence because you will know that you are getting the right stuff.

Zavelle Bookstore at 1520 North Broad Street in downtown Philadelphia is a great off-campus textbook outlet. It is only about a 25-minute drive from the Villanova campus but is definitely worth the trip. This store has a cool rewards program, which allows students to build up points for each purchase they make in order to receive discounts on future textbook purchases. The store sells new books, used books, and offers textbook rentals, in addition to a large number of e-books online. You will also find a variety of general books to read in your free time. Plus you can sell your used textbooks back to the store and get a very good return on investment. School supplies and other unique merchandise are also available. Although this store is geared more toward Temple students, it has textbooks for Villanova students and anyone else enrolled in local colleges.

Better Than The Bookstoreis a unique student-run initiative in the Philadelphia area. It’s designed to provide an eco-friendly method of exchanging college textbooks. The organization’s exchange center is located at 1431 Cecil B. Moore Avenue and is very close to Zavelle Bookstore, so you could take a trip and stop by both stores to find the best prices on books. This initiative involves students posting the textbooks they want to sell online. Then potential buyers can search for books online. When a match is made, the seller receives payment from the buyer through the website. The seller then drops off the book at the exchange center and the buyer picks it up at his or her convenience. This service is primarily used by Villanova and Temple students, but any other students in the Philadelphia area can certainly use it as well.