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Journalism has been an industry experiencing great change over the last several years. In fact, it may be the top industry in the world that has undergone more change than any other comparable field of work around the globe. With the influence of the Internet and technology advancements in general, it is easy for anyone with a blog or a smartphone with a camera to be a “journalist” because we all have the ability to capture news events and post them online. However, because of these new capabilities, the definition of what a journalist really is has been skewed. This is why there is more pressure than ever on journalism professors to teach their students about the best practices when it comes to reporting, interviewing, and writing news stories. To do this, students must be enrolled in good journalism programs and must be equipped with the best journalism textbooks currently on the market.

According to the online textbook rental website, the following seven books are considered the best journalism textbooks. Although some of these books were published years ago, they still contain valuable information that can be applied to today’s best practices in terms of the news industry:

1) The “New” New Journalism: Conversations with America’s Best Nonfiction Writers on Their Craft by Robert Boynton (2005 – Vintage Publishing)

2) Now Write! Nonfiction: Memoir, Journalism and Creative Nonfiction Exercises from Today’s Best Writers by Sherry Ellis (2009 – Tatcher Publishers)

3) Troublemakers: The Best of South Africa’s Investigative Journalism by Anton Harber and Margaret Renn (2011 – Jacana Media)

4) The Best Business Writing 2012 (Columbia Journalism Review Books) by Dean Starkman, Martha Hamilton, Ryan Chittum, and Felix Salmon (2012 – Columbia University Press)

5) And It Don’t Stop: The Best American Hip-Hop Journalism of the Last 25 Years by Raquel Cepeda and Nelson George (2004 – Faber & Faber Publishing)

6) Sports Journalism at its Best: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Articles, Cartoons, and Photographs by Heinz-Dietrich Fischer (1999 – Wadsworth Publishing)

7) Practical Journalism: A Complete Manual of the Best Newspaper Methods by Edwin Llewellyn Shuman (2010 – Nabu Press)

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