Columbia University (Photo by aherrero)

Columbia University is a top-rated private Ivy League university located in in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York. Columbia was originally established in 1754. It is unique in the fact that the majority of its 27,000 students are enrolled in graduate programs rather than undergraduate studies. Roughly 19,000 Columbia students are postgraduates. The athletic teams at Columbia are called the Lions. Because the school is primarily known for its high academic standards, textbooks are a major priority among Columbia students. The following bookstores are the best places to look for textbook:

The Columbia University Bookstore is the official campus bookstore serving Columbia students and faculty for decades. It is located in the heart of campus at 2922 Broadway Street. This store carries all of the course materials and supplies that are either required or recommended for every course at the school. The store offers a variety of options on acquiring books. These include buying books that are brand new, buying used copies to save up to 25%, renting textbooks to save up to 50%, and purchasing digital textbooks for savings of over 60% off the regular price of a new book. In most cases, students can choose which method they prefer. Most books are available for preorder and to purchase online. The technology products for sale here are also reduced in price and include a number of HP products. Plus you will find lots of Columbia Lions athletics gear and apparel to wear so you can show your school spirit. Graduation items, alumni gifts, and souvenirs are just a few of the many other kinds of things sold at this bookstore. When shopping here, you can be certain that you are buying the exact materials you need.

Book Culture at 536 West 112th Street is a great off-campus bookstore that serves students who attend Columbia and other colleges in New York City. Open seven days a week and open late most days to accommodate students’ schedules, this bookstore has a huge variety of books, including many textbooks. You will tend to find more humanities books here, but there are books in all subject areas as well. Most are reasonably priced, especially the used books. You can also pick up lots of other general titles and novels here.

Manhattan Booksat 150 Chambers Street is another great option for buying, renting, and selling back your textbooks. Located fairly close to the Columbia campus, this large store has a great inventory with all kinds of new and used textbooks You can also purchase e-books and other school supplies with several items for art students. Online ordering via the store’s website is very simple as well. Manhattan Books is open Monday through Saturday and is very student-friendly, offering a variety of specials and discounts on books regularly.