Baltimore, MD, home of Morgan State University (Photo by NCTRUCKINGITEMS)

Morgan State University is a relatively small public university in Baltimore, Maryland, home of the Baltimore Orioles. The school was originally founded in 1867 and is considered the oldest historically black institution of higher education in the state. Also known simply as Morgan or MSU, the school’s athletic teams are called the Bears, and they compete in the MEAC. Since Morgan State is situated in a large urban area like Baltimore, students have some choices on bookstores for their textbooks. The following stores are the best places to shop for textbooks:

The official bookstore at MSU is simply called the Morgan State University Bookstore. Situated in the heart of campus at 1700 East Cold Spring Lane, this store provides all of the necessary and recommended textbooks and course materials for students. Because the staff members here are in direct contact with the faculty members at the university, students can enjoy the peace of mind that they will receive exactly what they need when purchasing items here. This includes new, used, and rental textbooks. Lots of Bears gear and clothing items are available so you can wear them around town to show your support for the school’s athletic teams. Plus you can save money on technology items like computer hardware and software. In addition, a wide selection of school supplies, graduation items, and general souvenirs are for sale.

A fantastic off-campus textbook outlet to check out that is both local and independently owned is called Big Heart Bookstore. It is located in downtown Baltimore at 5115 Crosswood Avenue, about two miles from the Morgan State University campus. The great thing about this store is that it is primarily managed and staffed by current college students and recent college graduates. Because of this, you can be assured that you will get great prices on textbooks since the staff members are fully aware of how much textbooks can cost since they have to buy books themselves. The inventory here includes tons of used textbooks at low prices. Plus you can sell back your used books for the store and walk away with a nice sum of money in your pocket. The store works with local communities and does charity work, so that is simply another perk to shopping here knowing that the money you spend is going to something worthy. Call the store at 619-247-8644 to find out if your books are in stock and to reserve them for in-store pick-up.