The Firestone Library at Princeton University (Photo by Antonio Barrera)

Princeton University is a prestigious Ivy League university in Princeton, New Jersey. Known for its high academic standards, the school was originally established in 1746 and now has an annual enrollment of about 7,500 students. The school has a publishing arm known as Princeton University Press, which publishes hundreds of college textbooks. Princeton’s 38 varsity athletic teams are known as the Tigers and compete, appropriately, in the Ivy League. When it comes to textbooks, Princeton students have a few options on how to get their books and where to shop for them. The following bookstores are some of the best places to check out:

Labyrinth Books is considered the primary textbook outlet for Princeton students and professors. It is situated at 122 Nassau Street. This store carries all of the required and recommended books and materials for students. Whether you’re studying architecture, law, literature of philosophy, you will be covered here. Students can pay just $15 a year for a membership here. But this means you will save 10% on all of your textbook purchases and will receive free shipping on all orders over $50. You will save even more if you buy one of the many books available used. The nearby Princeton U-Store carries all of the apparel and gear you could ask for as well as discounted tech items.

Another option is to use the Princeton Textbook Exchange. This service, which is operated by the university, offers many options on exchanging textbooks and saving money. It allows students to buy and sell books directly from other students. All you have to do is create an account, look for books or post your books to sell, and then look for either potential books to purchase or potential buyers who are interested in your books. There are various options on pricing and how to actually make the transaction. You can easily find lots of used books this way and save tons of cash. Just set up a convenient time to meet the other person on campus and make the exchange. You will be dealing directly with students who are taking or have taken the same classes as you, so you know you’ll be getting the right textbooks that are used by the same professors.

Be sure to use as an additional resource for shopping around in order to get the best textbook prices. You can easily search for the name or ISBN of your book and compare prices from a variety of online websites. Even if your books are for sale through the previous two outlets mentioned, it’s still a smart idea to compare prices and utilize all of your options.