Geometry (Image credit: Alex Murphy)

Geometry is not just about 90-degree angles and a hypotenuse. There is a lot more to it than that. In fact, if you are a math major in college, you probably know that there are a number of disciplines within geometry. One such discipline is called “analytical geometry. This form of mathematics refers to the geometry of analytic variables, also known as analytic functions. If these words just fly right over your head, don’t panic. There are several textbooks out there that can simplify these concepts and make this subject very easy to learn if you take the time and effort to study them and give the problems in them a shot before looking up the answers in the back of the book.

According to, which ranks all kinds of items such as textbooks, the following 10 textbooks are considered the best analytical geometry books currently on the market. Even though some of them are a bit older, each one is still in use. If you pull up your textbook list and discover that one or more of these are on it, you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that they will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the material so that you can succeed in your classes:

1) Calculus & Analytical Geometry: Single Variable Version (Part 1- Chapters 1-7) [Ninth Edition] by George B. Thomas (1996 – Addison-Wesley)

2) Calculus and Analytical Geometry [Sixth Edition] by Louis Leithold and Leithold (HarperCollins Colelge Division)

3) Analytical Geometry (Series on University Mathematics) by Izu Vaisman (1997 – World Scientific Publishing Company)

4) Analytical Geometry for Beginners: Part I. the Straight Line and Circle by Thomas Grenfell Vyvyan (2010 – Nabu Press)

5) Analytical Geometry: Two and Three Dimensions by D. Chatterjee (2009 – Alpha Science International Limited)

6) Analytical Solid Geometry by P.K. Mittal and Shanti Narayan (2005 – International Book Distributing Company)

7) Analytical Geometry: With the Properties of Conic Sections, and an Appendix, Constituting a Tract On Descriptive Geometry by John Narrien (2010 – Nabu Press)

8) Calculus with Analytical Geometry by George Finlay Simmons (1996 – McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math)

9) Conic Sections and Analytical Geometry: Theoretically and Practically Illustrated by Horatio Nelson Robinson (2010 – Nabu Press)

10) Calculus with Analytical Geometry for the Technologies (Prentice Hall Series in Technical Mathematics) by Lawrence M. Clar and James A. Hart (1980 – Prentice Hall)

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