Virus cells (Image credit: Creativity103)

All living organisms are made up of cells. Some organisms, such as amoebas, only contain a single cell. Others, like human beings, have millions of cells inside them. Cellular biology, also known as cytology, is the study of living cells. There are various aspects to this broad subject, including physiological properties of cells, their general structure, their interactions with the environment around them, their life cycles, and the process involved in their division.

If you are a college student taking a biology class or, more specifically a cellular biology class, you need to be prepared for it with the proper textbooks so that you can study them and learn the material as easily and efficiently as possible. If you’re a medical student, you will likely be taking a course specifically on cellular biology. There are lots of books out there on this topic, but only certain ones will really benefit your studies. According to, the following books are the top 10 textbooks on cellular biology. Because of how well these books explain the subject and its subtopics, these books are worth getting even if you don’t necessarily have to buy them for your classes:

1. Molecular Cell Biology by Harvey Lodish (2007 W.H. Freeman)

2. Principles of Computational Cell Biology by Volkhard Helms (2008 – Wiley-VCH Publishing)

3. High-Yield Cell and Molecular Biology (High-Yield Series) by Ronald W. Dudek (2010 – Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins)

4. The Social Amoebae: The Biology of Cellular Slime Molds by John Tyler Bonner (2008 – Princeton University Press)

5. Molecular Biology of the Cell by Bruce Alberts, Alexander Johnson, Julian Lewis, and Martin Raff (2007 – Garland Science)

6. Natural Killer Cell Protocols: Cellular and Molecular Methods (Methods in Molecular Biology) by Kerry S. Campbell (2009 – Humana Press)

7. Molecular and Cellular Biology by Stephen L. Wolfe (1993 – Wadsworth Publishing Company)

8. High-Yield Cell and Molecular Biology [Second Edition] by Ronald W. Dudek (2006 – Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins)

9. Molecular Biology of the Cell, Fourth Edition by Bruce Alberts, Alexander Johnson, Julian Lewis, and Martin Raff (2002 – Garland Science)

10. The Cellular Defense Reactions of Insects (Cambridge Monographs in Experimental Biology) by George W. Salt (2009 – Cambridge University Press)

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