The Yale campus (Photo by Lauren Manning)

Yale University is a prestigious Ivy League university with an urban campus in New Haven, Connecticut. It is the third-oldest institution of higher education in the country and first opened its doors to students in 1701 in what was then known as the Colony of Connecticut. The school enrolls over 11,000 students annually and employs about 3,600 academic staff members. Yale has a number of athletic teams that are known as the Bulldogs, and the official school mascot is named Handsome Dan. Since academics are such a high priority at Yale University, students must have the right textbooks and must shop around to get the best prices for them. Here are some of the best textbook outlets to visit for your course materials:

The Yale Bookstore at 77 Broadway Street in York Square is the official campus bookstore at the school. It is open every day of the week and has extended hours during peak times of the semester. It offers a variety of options for textbooks. If you want to buy your books, you can purchase new or used versions of them. You can also buy digital textbooks for low prices. If you’d rather rent your books to get them off your hands when you’re done with them and save money at the same time, that is also an option. The store also partners with local retailers in the New Haven area to offer students discounts on their products. The store runs specials and discounts throughout the year as well. Along with textbooks, you will find lots of Yale athletic apparel, discounted computer items, school supplies, and gear for graduation if your time has finally arrived to walk across the stage and get your degree.

There are a very limited number of textbooks available at off-campus bookstores in the New Haven area. So if you can’t find what you need at the campus bookstore, you can always shop for books online, including books to buy and for rent. Use as your resource to shopping around on the Internet and comparing prices on books from different websites. Since many Yale courses require multiple textbooks, especially if you are a graduate student, shopping online just might be the best way to go.