is a website that students can use to create free bibliographies, also known as a reference or “works cited” page that typically comes at the end of an academic paper. The slogan for the website is “leave the formatting to us.” was initially created in January 2007 and officially went live in May of that year. It was originally created as a student project at the Information Systems department at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. BibMe was created with one main goal in mind – helping people create bibliographies quickly and easily. As the website states, the last thing students want to do after spending hours writing a research paper or an essay is to spend even more time creating a bibliography that is properly formatted. The creators of the website wanted to give students the opportunity to spend more time working on the writing and research that goes into a paper and less time working on the citations for the paper since the actual content of any written piece is far more important than how the reference section is laid out.

The site’s “Bibliography Maker” offers four types of citation formats for bibliographies. These include MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian. In general, most teachers and professors will indicate to students which format they should use when citing their sources for academic papers. MLA is commonly used in English or literature-related classes. APA is generally used in all of the science fields. Chicago and Turabian are somewhat less common formats.

There are three simple steps to creating a bibliography on the site. First, search for and record all of the information on your various sources. This may include the titles and authors of books, articles, websites, or films. Secondly, enter this information into the fields on the “Bibliography Maker” page. Finally, choose the type of format you wish to use for your bibliography. You will then be able to download a file or copy and paste the properly formatted bibliography to include at the end of your research paper. Other options on the site include the ability to save your bibliography if you need to return to it in the future as well as a citation guide that will help you learn how to format a references page on your own. Although the website can do it for you automatically, the creators of the site stress the fact that students should still learn the ins-and-outs of creating bibliographies.

This website is an extremely useful tool for students of all ages, especially those in high school and college. Keeping track of your sources when writing a paper is hard enough, and it can be a big challenge to create a bibliography that looks exactly how it should. Professors will take off points from the grade on your paper if it is not formatted correctly, so don’t take a chance. can be a lifesaver.