The CCSU football team (Photo by Phillip T. James)

Central Connecticut State University is a public state university based in New Britain, Connecticut. Founded in 1849, CCSU currently enrolls about 12,000 students. The official school colors are blue and white, and the school’s 18 varsity athletic teams are called the Blue Devils. Students who attend Central Connecticut State know the importance of shopping around for their textbooks and course materials. These bookstores are the best places to look for books:

The CCSU Bookstore, which is housed inside the Student Center in the heart of campus, is the official bookstore serving the university’s students and faculty. The actual address that you can use to plug in to your GPS is 105 Ella Grasso Boulevard. Open mostly from Monday through Friday, this bookstore is stocked with all of the required and recommended materials that students need to be successful in their classes. There are a number of options on books. You can purchase new or used books with the used versions costing up to 25% less. You can rent your books and save up to 50%. Or you can even buy digital versions of your books for savings of up to 60% off what you’d typically pay for a new printed book. In addition to books, the store sells lots of other items, including computer hardware and software at low prices, alumni items, and gear to show off your support for the Blue Devils athletic teams, graduation supplies, school supplies, and so much more. The bookstore has partnered with some local vendors and retailers to offer students more discounts as well. You can buy just about everything online that you can buy in the actual store, and the shipping costs are very reasonable. Pre-ordering is also an option.

Barnes & Noble has a location in nearby Farmington, which is just a few miles from the CCSU campus in New Britain. It’s located at 1599 South East Road. B&N carries all kinds of books, magazines, DVD’s, CD’s, and much more. The selection here does include a variety of textbooks and books commonly used in literature or English classes, particularly for students in freshmen- or sophomore-level classes. You can also purchase the handy Nook e-reader at this bookstore. It’s a great tool if you have any digital textbooks that you want to be able to take with you wherever you go.

Since there are a limited number of bookstores in the New Britain area that actually sell textbooks, make sure you use to search for books online and to compare prices on them. You can compare both purchase prices and rental prices through this site.