The ISU campus (Photo by Paul Sableman)

Indiana State University is a public institution of higher education in Terre Haute, Indiana. Also known as ISU, the school was founded in 1865 and enrolls about 11,000 students each academic year, most of whom are undergraduates. The athletic teams at the school are called the Sycamores, and the official school mascot is called Sycamore Sam. ISU students know how important it is to shop around for textbooks and other course materials. There are a few options on where students can purchase textbooks both on campus, around Terre Haute, and online. Here are those options:

The Indiana State University Bookstore at 25 North Fourth Street is the official textbook provider of ISU students and faculty members. It sits in the heart of campus and is easily accessible from anywhere you are during the day. Open Monday through Saturday, this store is fully stocked with all of the required and recommended textbooks that students need for their courses. This includes new books, used books at up to 25% off, books for rent for a savings of up to 50%, and digital textbooks for up to 60% off the regular retail price of the book. With all of these options, it’s hard not to save money on your books. There is also a full line of HP computers and products available at greatly reduced prices for students because of the bookstore’s educational discounts. Plus you can buy graduation items, Sycamores apparel, school supplies, and so much more here. Most items sold in the actual store are also sold online, and you can preorder your books to make sure you get the ones that you want before others scoop them up.

Readmore Bookstore as an awesome independent textbook outlet that is just a block away from the ISU campus. It’s located at 618 Wabash Avenue in downtown Terre Haute. The store has a great textbook rental program that will save you lots of cash. Plus you can buy your books new or used if you choose not to rent them or if they aren’t available for rent for whatever reason. There is a buyback program as well that allows students to sell back their textbooks to the store and reclaim a decent amount of money back that they spent on them. Other items for sale include greeting cards, trade books, magazines, and Sycamores gear.

Books-A-Million at 3370 U.S. 41 carries tons of books on a wide variety of subjects. This includes plenty of academic books and materials, especially for students enrolled in English or literature classes and those taking more gen-ed classes that freshmen usually have to take. Books-A-Million also has a tremendous selection on its website, including a much larger selection of college textbooks.