Carbondale, home of SIU (Photo by Buddahbless)

Southern Illinois University (SIU) is a large public university system with multiple campuses in the southern part of the state. The flagship campus of SIU is located in Carbondale. This original campus was founded in 1869. There are over 18,000 students who take classes at the Carbondale campus. The official school colors are maroon and white, and the athletic teams at the university are known as the Salukis. SIU students have a few options on where to purchase their textbooks and course materials. The following outlets are the best places to look for books:

The University Bookstore is the official textbook store at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. It is housed right in the heart of campus. The address is 1255 South Lincoln Drive. When you shop here, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting exactly what you need since the SIU professors work directly with the bookstore to ensure students get the correct editions of books an materials for their classes. Lots of books are available for rent, and you can of course buy your books new or used if you’d rather get a copy that you can mark up or sell back later to get some return on your investment. Several discounted hardware and software items are also available, along with plenty of Salukis apparel, general books, school supplies, graduation items, and souvenirs. You will find several digital textbooks for sale, in addition to a section entirely dedicated to health sciences textbooks.

710 Book Storeat 710 South Illinois Avenue is an awesome family-owned and operated textbook outlet. This off-campus bookstore has served the SIU academic community for over 40 years and is a popular destination for students looking to save money on their books. The store specializes in carrying more used textbooks than most other bookstores in the Carbondale area. There is also a large selection of new books available at reasonable prices. Plus you can reserve your books in advance or sell your used books to the store for a great buyback price. In addition to textbooks, you can also purchase lots of graduation supplies, dorm items, school supplies, office supplies and equipment, Salukis gear, and discounted technology items. For all of the SIU alumni out there, the store carries an array of alumni merchandise. This store has a great reputation because of how long it has been in business. Since it’s considered the primary off-campus textbook outlet in the area and is an independent local business, there’s no reason not to check it out for all of your college needs.