Bill Gates had to know something about business administration before starting up Microsoft. (Photo by IsaacMao)

Running a business can be a major challenge. There are so many facets that go into the day-to-day operations of a company. That is why business administration is a popular track for college students to take. It doesn’t matter what industry you are interested in delving into someday. Learning about how to deal with others is an integral part of any job, and business administration courses focus on this in great detail.

In addition to listening to lectures and completing homework assignments and exams, having the right textbooks on business administration is just as important to being successful in one of these classes and gaining practical knowledge that can be applied to real-life situations in the future. According to, these 10 books are considered the top 10 business administration textbooks that are currently on the market and in use by professors and students alike at institutions of higher education:

1. Modern Business Administration by Robert C. Appleby (1994 – Financial Times Management Publishing)

2. Modern School Business Administration: A Planning Approach by James W. Guthrie, Christina Hart, Walter G. Hack and I. Carl Candoli (2007 – Allyn & Bacon Publishing)

3. College and University Business Administration by Deirdre McDonald (2000 – National Association of Colleges & Universities Publishing)

4. Introduction To Business Administration: Special Issues of Nonprofit Administration – Overcoming Challenges & Barriers by Jacqueline M. Edwards (2007 –

5. Principles of Marketing: A Textbook for Colleges and Schools of Business Administration by Paul Wesley Ivey (2012 – Forgotten Books)

6. Health Economics (Pharmacy Business Administration Series) by Jordan Braverman (2009 – Pharmaceutical Press)

7. U.S. Small Business Administration Handbook: Strategic, Practical Information, Contacts by IBP USA (2010 – International Business Publications, USA)

8. The Business of Psychotherapy: Private Practice Administration for Therapists, Counselors, and Social Workers by Robert L. Barker (1982 – Columbia University Press)

9. SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse: Administration and Monitoring by Olaf Klostermann and Milco Österholm (2010 – SAP Press)

10. Marketing The Core (MKT: 370 Marketing College of Business Administration SDSU) by Roger Kerin, Steven Hartley and William Rudelius (2007 – McGraw-Hill)

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