This medical book contains lots of medical terms. (Image credit: Enokson)

Have you ever heard of Borborygmi? If not, it’s the rumbling sound in your stomach that is made by the movement of gas in your intestines.

Does Labile ring a bell? This is the wide fluctuation in bodily functions including blood sugar, blood pressure, or even your emotional state.

What comes to mind when you hear the term Pruritus Ani? In simple terms, this occurs when your rear end itches.

As you can see, there are many medical terms that just look strange and are even harder to pronounce. That is why medical terminology is a common course in college, specifically for medical students. Even though many medical terms come from Latin, learning these terms is not as easy as simply learning Latin. There are a number of factors that are involved in how these terms are formed. If you want to be a doctor you’ll need to know at least the most common medical terms in use.

According to, this a list of the top 10 medical terminology textbooks. These books are currently in use at colleges and universities around the country, primarily in medical schools.

1. Medical Terminology for Health Professions by Ann Ehrlich and Carol L. Schroeder (2008 – Delmar Publishing)

2. Medical Terminology: A Body Systems Approach by Barbara Gylys and Regina Masters (2009 – F.A. Davis Company)

3. Medical Terminology: The Language of Health Care by Marjorie C. Willis (1996 – Williams & Wilkins Publishing)

4. Medical Terminology: A Programmed Learning Approach to the Language of Health Care by Marjorie Canfield Willis (2007 – Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins Publishing)

5. Medical Terminology: A Living Language [With Dvdrom] by Bonnie F. Fremgen and Suzanne S. Fucht (2008 – Prentice Hall)

6. Dunmore and Fleischer’s Medical Terminology: Exercises in Etymology by Cheryl Walker-Esbaugh and Rhonda Sparks (2004 – F.A. Davis Company)

7. Medical Terminology by Davi-Ellen Chabner (2005 – Saunders Publishing)

8. Medical Terminology Simplified: A Programmed Learning Approach by Barbara Gylys and Regina Masters (2009 – F.A. Davis Company)

9. Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide by Barbara Cohen (2008 – Lipincot-Raven Publishers)

10. Comprehensive Medical Terminology by Betty Davis Jones (2010 – Delmar Cengage Learning)

Be sure to use to compare prices on these medical terminology books and a variety of other textbooks. Shopping around is the best way to save money on your textbooks. Some books are cheaper by buying or renting them from a bookstore. Others are cheaper if you get them online. You just have to see what’s out there and make a smart purchasing decision, especially if you have a limited budget like many college students do.