An alligator, like millions of other creatures, has its own place in the animal kingdom (Photo by William Warby)

Zoology is a discipline within the realm of biological sciences. It involves the study of the animal kingdom. This includes the structure, evolution, habits, classification, and distribution of all living and extinct animals. From panda bears to mockingbirds to ants, it is truly amazing how vast the animal kingdom is and how many creatures actually exist on our planet. It’s also amazing to study the number of animals that have become extinct for various reasons.

When it comes to zoology as a class, it is primarily offered to students studying biology as a major. However, it may also be offered as an elective or as a class for medical or veterinary school students.

If you want the best books on zoology, consider this list of 10 books. This list was compiled by, and these are considered the top 10 zoology textbooks currently on the market and in use at institutions of higher education around the country:

1. On the Study of Zoology (Dodo Press) by Thomas Henry Huxley (2010 – FQ Books)

2. A Dictionary of Zoology (Oxford Paperback Reference) by Michael Allaby (2009 – Oxford University Press)

3. Laboratory Studies in Integrated Principles of Zoology by Cleveland Hickman, Jr., Lee Kats, Susan Keen, and Lee Ober (2010 – McGraw-Hill)

4. Quantitative Zoology by George Gaylord Simpson, Anne Roe, and Richard C. Lewontin (2003 – Dover Publications)

5. After Man: A Zoology of the Future by Dougal Dixon (1998 – St. Martin’s Griffin)

6. Zombie Zoology by Tim Curran, Ryan C. Thomas, Anthony Giangregorio, and Ted Wenskus (2010 – Severed Press)

7. Integrated Principles of Zoology by Cleveland Hickman, Jr., Susan Keen, Allan Larson, and David Eisenhour (2010 – McGraw-Hill)

8. Invertebrate Zoology: A Functional Evolutionary Approach by Edward E. Ruppert, Richard S. Fox, and Robert D. Barnes (2003 – Brooks Cole)

9. Integrated Principles of Zoology [Fourteenth Edition] by Cleveland Hickman, Jr., Larry Roberts, Susan Keen, and Allan Larson

10. Digital Zoology Version 2.0 CD-ROM and Student Workbook by Jon Houseman (2002 – McGraw-Hill)

Do you need one of these books for your zoology or biology class? Even if they aren’t required, it might be a good idea to check them out and use them as reference guides to go along with the books that you are required or recommended to have. These books wouldn’t be on this list if they weren’t top-notch textbooks. Find them on and compare prices on them in order to steal the best deal.