Trees on the Duquesne University campus (Photo by Matt Pratter)

Duquesne University is a private Catholic institution of higher education located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally founded in 1878, the school currently has a student population of just over 10,000. About half of the students are undergraduates, while the other half is comprised about graduate students. The athletic teams are known as the Dukes, and the official school colors are red and blue. The following bookstores are the best places to look for textbooks if you are a Duquesne student:

The official textbook outlet at Duquesne is called the Barnes & Noble at Duquesne University Bookstore. It is housed right on campus at 1015 Forbes Avenue, a convenient spot no matter where you are on campus. This B&N student store offers a large selection of textbooks and college supplies. When you shop here, you can be assured that you’re getting the correct editions of the books you need for your courses. You can buy books brand new, used for savings of up to 25%, rentals for up to savings of 50%, and digital books for savings of up to 60%. Renting is really your best option if you want a hard copy of your books, but more and more digital textbooks are being made available. Open Monday through Saturday, you can also buy lots of school supplies here like binders, backpacks, pens, pencils, and more. Plus there is a nice array of technology items that are available at discounted prices for students. The bookstore partners with local retailers in the Pittsburgh community to offer students even more discounts. Check the store for further details on these special offers.

Half Price Books at 4932 McKnight Road in downtown Pittsburgh is a great place to shop off-campus for textbooks. At HPB, you will find great low prices on textbooks and tons of other books and reading materials. This bookstore sells many textbooks for up to 90% off what their regular retail prices are, and these include both new and used textbooks. Plus you can sell back your used books to the store for great buyback rates. CD’s and DVD’s are for sale here for all of your entertainment needs. HPB does a lot of community service work and is a well-respected store in numerous communities around the country.

Finally, there are two Barnes & Noble locations in Pittsburgh that are separate from the regular on-campus B&N bookstore. These two stores are located at 926 Freeport Road and at 301 South Hills Village. B&N is well-known for carrying quality products and fulfilling the needs of every customer. When you shop at these stores, you will find books on all subjects, including a variety of academic books that you may need for your classes. The store’s online inventory is massive and includes plenty more textbooks.