The Monmouth University logo (Photo by Eye to Eye National)

Monmouth University is a private university located in West Long Branch, New Jersey. The school was originally founded in 1933. About 6,400 students currently attend Monmouth, the majority of whom are enrolled in undergraduate bachelor’s programs. Monmouth employs about 550 administrative staff members and roughly 250 faculty members. The athletic teams at the school are called the Hawks. Monmouth students know how important it is to shop around for their textbooks. Check out these places for the best prices on books:

The Monmouth University Bookstore is the official campus bookstore at the school. It’s located at 400 Cedar Avenue. It is housed in the heart of campus inside the newly constructed Multipurpose Activity Center, which is a convenient spot no matter where you are on campus. This bookstore carries all of the textbooks and course supplies that Monmouth students need in order to succeed in each and every class they take. This includes materials for general education classes as well as those for all of the academic majors offered at the university. You can purchase new or used copies of the books you need. You can rent a large amount of books for nice savings. Plus you can buy or rent certain books as e-books, which are electronic textbooks that you read on your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone. Open Monday through Friday most of the year, you can also buy certain kinds of merchandise like hats, tees, sweatshirts, gift cards, and souvenir items. This includes lots of Hawks gear and apparel to root on the hometown team. Most of the items available in-store are also available for purchase or rent online. This means you can get an account and easily order everything you need for a reasonable shipping fee.

Since there are very few outlets in the West Long Branch area, you may want to consider looking online for textbooks. Use to compare prices on textbooks from a number of reputable online booksellers. These online booksellers sell and rent textbooks. Amazon is now renting hard copies of textbooks, so this is a great option. Many sties offer free shipping for online orders over a certain amount.