LP Field, home of the Tennessee State Tigers and the Tennessee Titans (Photo by Ron Cogswell)

Tennessee State University is an historically black university located in Nashville, Tennessee. In fact, it’s the only state-funded historically black school in the state. TSU was founded in 1912 and now has an annual student enrollment of just over 10,000. The school has several athletic teams known as the Tigers, and Tigre is the official school mascot. When it comes to academics, Tennessee State students can choose from the following places when buying their textbooks:

The school’s main bookstore is the Tennessee State University Bookstore. It’s located at 3500 John Maeritt Boulevard in the center of campus. When you purchase your course materials at this store, you will know that you’re getting exactly what you need since the TSU professors are in direct contact with the store. You can either buy or rent your textbooks here. Buying used books and renting books are the two best options to save money. Another way is to get digital textbooks, which you can do through the store, too. Along with books, you will find a wide selection of discounted computer hardware and software products that are very reasonably priced to fit into a college student’s budget, especially if you are in need of a new desktop or laptop computer. Plus you will find all the latest and greatest TSU athletic accessories, gear, clothing, and game-day goodies. The store’s website has a free newsletter with specials and discounts, so be sure to register for it.

Textbook Brokers at 103 White Ridge Pike is an awesome off-campus textbook outlet in the heart of Nashville. Textbook Brokers has some of the lowest prices on textbooks in the area. The options here include new and used books for purchase as well as lots of book for rent. Just bring in your booklist or choose your classes on the store’s website to see all of your options. The friendly staff members here will work with you to ensure you leave the store with some money in your pocket. In addition to purchasing textbooks, you can sell them back to the store for cash on the spot. There is free shipping available for online orders over a certain price if you’re considering getting your books online.

McKay Books is a well-known bookseller in the state of Tennessee. It was established in 1978, and the company has a few locations. There is one in Nashville at 5708 Charlotte Pike. The bookstore sells all kinds of items. These include a ton of used books and academic textbooks. You can also sell your old textbooks to the store for a credit to buy other items. In addition to books, McKay Books also offers CD’s, movies, and video games. Shop online for lots of these items as well.