A scholarship awards ceremony (Photo by UNE Photos)

When you think of a college scholarship, you probably first think about how students can get money to help pay for tuition costs based on some kind of achievement that makes them deserving of this financial aid. In most cases, scholarships cover the costs of each class a student is enrolled in. But have you ever heard of a textbook scholarship? They are not very well known but do exist.

One example of such a scholarship is offered by MyBookBuyer.com, which is an online textbook website that buys used books from students. The site is currently offering a Textbooks For a Year Scholarship. There are two scholarships up for grabs. In order to get them, college students must submit an application through the website that includes an essay between 750 and 1,250 words that answers the question, “What prominent person would you like to interview, and why?” This person can be living, deceased, or fictional character from a book or movie. The grand prize winner wins $1,250 in cash for textbooks. The second-place winner gets $250 for books. Scholarship winners will be announced January 21, 2013.

At UNLV in Las Vegas, the CSUN Dawn Barlow Textbook Scholarship was recently approved and is expected to go into effect shortly. The scholarship, which will be funded by UNLV Student Financial Services, will be awarded to students at the university who maintain “favorable academic abilities and potential.” Approximately $18,000 was agreed upon to be given out, as part of the scholarship, and various amounts will be awarded to each student who receives it.

It’s rare to find, but some colleges and universities offer textbook scholarships to students who succeed academically. An example of this is the Honors Program Textbook Scholarship at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This particular scholarship is offered to members of the school’s Honors Program. In order to keep the scholarship and have it annually renewed for all four years of their undergraduate studies, students must maintain a certain academic GPA each semester.

Keep in mind that there are several generic college scholarships that may appear to be applicable only for tuition costs. However, if you read the fine print, you might find that you can use some of the funds for them to pay for your textbooks. If you consider textbook costs to be just one of the many expenses that into college like most students do, it may not really matter how you actually use your scholarship money.