Winston Churchill is considered one of the top public speakers and communicators in history. (Photo by cliff1066)

Communication has been a cornerstone of the human species since the first humans set foot on planet earth. From simple forms of sign language to in-depth conversations that involve big words and telling gestures, human beings are clearly a communicative species.

At various schools around the country, classes on communication skills are offered as electives or as part of an entire academic discipline like mass communication. If you major in communications (with an “s”), you are likely interested in some form of media, such as TV, radio, or Internet broadcasting. However, these classes can also cover topics like public speaking and the analysis of verbal versus nonverbal communication. In most cases, these kinds of classes allow students to improve their communication skills, whether they’re related to verbal or written skills.

According to, the following books are considered the top 10 communications textbooks currently on the market and in use at institutions of higher education in the United States:

1. Selections from The Speech Communication Teacher 1986-1991 To Accompany The Art of Public Speaking by Stephen Lucas (McGraw-Hill – Fourth Edition)

2. Messages: The Communications Skills Book by Matthew McKay, Martha Davis, and Patrick Fanning (2009 – New Harbinger Publications)

3. Harvard Business Review on Effective Communication by Harvard Business School and Chris Argyis (1999 – Harvard Business Press)

4. Technical Communication (12th Edition) by John M. Lannon and Laura J. Gurak (2010 – Longman Publishing)

5. Communicating for a Change: Seven Keys to Irresistible Communication by Andy Stanley and Lane Jones (2006 – Multnomah Books)

6. Business Communication Today (10th Edition) by Business Communication Today (2010 – Prentice Hall)

7. Technical Communication by Mike Markel (2009 – Bedford/St. Martin’s Publishing)

8. Essentials of Business Communication (with Printed Access Card) by Mary Ellen Guffey (2009 – South-Western College Publishing)

9. Communication in a Changing World with CD-ROM 2.0 by Bethami Dobkin (2007 – McGraw-Hill)

10. The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications: 2011 Edition by American Radio Relay League (2011 – ARRL Publishing)

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