2 memorial blocks on the Wagner College campus (Photo by Ben Ferenchak)

Wagner College is a small private liberal arts college in Staten Island, New York, one of New York City’s boroughs. Originally founded in 1883, Wagner currently has about 2,400 students attending classes, the overwhelming majority of whom are undergraduate students. The school has several athletic teams known as the Seahawks. The official school colors are green and white. When it comes to textbooks, Wagner students know the importance of shopping around for books in order to find the best prices on them. The following places are the best options for books:

The Wagner College Bookstore is the official on-campus textbook outlet at the college. Housed in the heart of campus at 1 Campus Road, this store is regularly open Monday through Saturday and is stocked with all of the necessary and recommended materials for Wagner students at all academic levels. The store offers several options on how to acquire books. These options include purchasing new books, purchasing used copies of books, renting books, and purchasing digital textbooks. When you rent your books here, you can save up to 50% off the regular price of the textbook. If you’re looking for other items to go along with your textbooks, you can also buy school supplies, computer items at discounted prices for students, graduation supplies, Seahawks clothing and gear, and so much more. If you can’t make it to the store, you can purchase many of these items on the store’s website and have them shipped directly to you.

In nearby Manhattan, stop into Manhattan Books at 150 Chambers Street. It’s only about 25 minutes away by car and is definitely worth the trip. This bookstore is a fantastic option for buying, renting, and selling back your used textbooks to the store to recoup some of the money you spent on them. It is a large store with a nice inventory that includes lots of new and used textbooks. E-books and school supplies are also for sale along with items for art students. The bookstore has an online inventory from which you can order as well. The store is student-friendly and offers a number of discounts and special offers to all college students in the New York City area throughout the year. The store is open Monday through Saturday.

Barnes & Noble also has a store in Staten Island. Plug in 2245 Richmond Avenue to your GPS, and you’ll be there in no time! It has convenient hours – Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Barnes & Noble carries a huge inventory of books on just about every subject imaginable. At this store, you can also purchase a variety of textbooks and materials frequently used in undergraduate courses at Wagner like English, literature, and history. The Nook e-reader is available for purchase here as well, which college students can use to read their digital textbooks purchased from most other sources. B&N has a much bigger selection of academic materials on textbooks online, so be sure to check there before making your purchases.