The Appalachian State football team made national headlines when it beat Michigan in 2007. (Photo by Avinash Kunnath)

Appalachian State University is a large public university with a rural, 1,300-acre campus in Boone, North Carolina. The school was established in 1899 just prior to the turn of the century. Appalachian State enrolls over 17,000 students each year, the vast majority of whom are undergraduate students. The school’s athletic squads are known as the Mountaineers, and the school’s official colors are black and gold. Appalachian State students can choose from the following options when buying their textbooks and course materials:

The official campus bookstore at Appalachian State University is the University Bookstore. It’s situated in the heart of campus at 219 College Street. When you shop at the University Bookstore, you will be guaranteed to receive the correct versions and editions of all the books and materials you need to succeed. This is because the ASU instructors work with the store directly and process their textbook lists through the store. There are lots of options on books here. They include brand new books, gently used books in decent condition, textbook rentals, and even some e-textbooks.

Renting and buying used are the best options in terms of saving you money. You also have the chance to sell back your used books to the store for cash on the spot. For all of your computing needs, be sure to check out the Computer Central section at the bookstore where you can purchase discounted Dell and Apple products. These include hardware, software, and peripherals. Accident protection is available for many items as well. Plenty of Mountaineer merchandise and lots of graduation items are also available here. Most of the items for sale in the actual store are for sale online. The store is open Monday through Saturday with occasional Sunday hours following home football games.

Since there are very few options other than the University Bookstore for textbooks in the Boone area, and because Boone is a pretty rural town, the alternative is to shop for your textbooks online. By using, you have the ability to pull up a list of all the places that offer each textbook on your list. It’s easy to see which ones have the best prices. You can also choose to rent your books and compare rental prices from various online textbook sites. Additionally, many books are available digitally and can be downloaded onto a host of devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, e-readers like the Kindle or Nook, and even smartphones. Explore your options before making a purchasing decision.