An accounting calculator (Photo by Jake Sherbert)

Accounting can be a complicated major for college students. That’s why they need a textbook that lays out all of the concepts necessary for them to fully comprehend and apply to assignments, exams, and their future careers in this field. If you’re a student who is taking a class on managerial accounting, you are in luck. According to Amazon, the No. 6-selling textbook on the market in 2012 is Managerial Accounting.

This 832-page textbook, which was published by McGraw-Hill and originally released on January 5, 2011, is the 14th edition in this long and successful series. Since the series was published, about 3 million students have used these managerial accounting books, making it the top-selling book on this subject. The text is clearly written for college readers of all levels and includes lots of well-placed illustrations to give visual examples of the concepts discussed in the text.

The book explicitly identifies three different functions that managers must perform as part of their regular tasks. These functions are to plan operations, control activities, and make decisions. Since it is focused on accounting, the book discusses which types of information are necessary for these three functions, how managers can get this information, and the various methods that can be used to interpret and analyze it.

One of the more unique aspects of Managerial Accounting is that it is accompanied by several supplements that offer additional resources to students and professors alike. These extra materials include a solutions manual, a test bank, an instructor’s manual, and a comprehensive study guide. These materials are written and compiled in a way that reflects the accuracy and completeness of the textbook itself. You will learn so much more by using these supplements along with reading and taking notes on the text.

The book has three authors – Ray Garrison, Eric Noreen, and Peter Brewer. Garrison is a longtime accounting professor at BYU in Provo, Utah. Noreen is a world-traveling professor who has held positions at schools in the U.S., Europe, and Asia and currently works as an accounting professor at the University of Washington. Brewer is a professor in the Department of Accounting at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

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