Psychology is a popular major of choice at colleges and universities across the United States. In some cases, students who have no idea what they want to study choose psychology as their initial major. That is likely why the book Psychology [Ninth Edition] by David G. Myers is the No. 4-selling textbook currently on the market per Amazon.

Originally released by Worth Publishers on January 10, 2009, Psychology is a 928-page hardcover textbook with a wealth of diverse information and research relating to the field of psychology. This series of books serves as an introduction to the subject for students who are generally undergraduates and just starting out in college. That’s why it is written in a way that is simple and basic in terms of understanding. Many issues related to psychology are quite complex, yet this textbook lays them out clearly. This version contains the largest number of new research citations of any previous edition in the series to date. It also discusses new inquiry-based pedagogy, a unique art program that has been re-conceptualized, and a few new media and supplemental items, including online access to videos narrated by Myers and other written information that fully complements the textbook itself.

One of the interesting theories in the book is called the “testing effect.” In basic terms, the “testing effect” is a theory that explains the higher probability of how a person can recall an item resulting from the act of thinking of that item from memory. This is kind of like “testing” someone’s memory. This theory is also known as retrieval practice or test-enhanced learning. The first documented empirical study conducted using this type of test was done in 1947.

Each and every edition in this series contains a book with a fresh perspective and updated information on new research studies and results. Psychology is a subject that lends itself to being written about in multiple ways, and Myers takes full advantage of this in his writing style. Other textbooks he has authored or co-authored include Exploring Psychology (2009) and Psychology in Modules (2012).

If you are a psychology major, you will likely need this book for one of your classes. Even if it’s not required, it would be a great addition to your collection of course materials because of how well it is explained. It might even give you a bit of an advantage in your classes. Bookmark to find out where you can buy it and rent it for much cheaper prices.