Have you ever had a college professor tell you to write a research paper in APA style, and you didn’t know what he or she was even talking about? Don’t panic. Just pick up a copy of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association [Sixth Edition]. The book was written by various authors with the American Psychological Association (APA). It was published by the association in July 2009.

You are not alone when needing advice on how APA style and formatting work. That’s because this particular handbook was ranked as the third best-selling textbook on the market, according to Amazon.  This 272-page paperback is a style manual for writers, editors, students, and instructors involved in academia as well as various professional business industries. It’s more specifically intended for writers in the fields of behavioral science and social science. However, any individual who writes non-fiction in prose form can benefit from the guide because of how comprehensive it is.

This sixth edition of the manual is significant in that it has been completely revamped and rewritten when compared to previous versions. It is now much more user-friendly and easy to use, which is why the APA considers it the best edition currently on the market. It takes much less time to look up answers to any style questions you have when writing a paper. For example, if you need to know how to present and format certain pieces of information like text, data, or a graphic, this book will quickly give you the formatting tips you need to make your materials look professional so that they fully meet some of the stringent requirements of APA style. This book can be used when writing term papers for school (especially for college and university classes), professional journal articles, presentations for your colleagues at work, and online articles and writings for publication.

If you are a college student, writing an in-depth research paper on a given topic can be a daunting task by itself. But when it comes time to format the paper so that it looks like it has been properly laid out, it can be even more stressful. Take away all of that stress by using this guide. It offers easy-to-read examples that demonstrate exactly how parts of a paper should look, including the title page, the body of the paper, footnotes, and the bibliography. After perusing through the text and studying it, you will soon be an expert on how to use APA style so that you can quickly format all of your writings in the future.

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