Hope College, where author David Myers has worked for over 30 years. (Photo by Elizabeth)

Psychology is a popular major of study among college students. Psychological issues are fascinating and compelling to many people, particularly those who are curious about how the human brain works and why people act certain ways and do certain things every day.

Social Psychology is the 12th most-purchased textbook currently on the market, according to Amazon. The book has received numerous positive reviews from textbook critics and publishers alike, making it a terrific resource for psychology students.

Authored by David Myers and published by McGraw-Hill in 2009, this book is written in a narrative style that compels readers to keep on reading and learning. It discusses a number of relevant topics that are important to traditional college-age students but also speaks to readers of all ages and backgrounds. Even if you’re not a psychology major, the book is perfect for everyone. It contains lots of real-world examples and quotes from leaders across all industries and areas of study, encompassing a broad and inclusive perspective..

The book includes a great deal of research with over 650 new citations in this version. “Research Close-Up” and “Inside Story” are two key features within the text that offer more in-depth insight into current and relevant research. The “Applying Social Psychology” sections make students think about how the subjects they learn in their classes can be applied to their own lives. In addition, author Jean Twenge, who wrote Generation Me and The Narcissism Epidemic, contributes to the book by explaining how today’s current generation has become more self-absorbed than previous generations. This part of the textbook speaks directly to college-age students.

David Myers, the book’s author, has served as a psychology professor at Hope College in Holland, Michigan for over three decades. He has been the recipient of several “Outstanding Professor” awards at the school. For his work on group polarization, he received the Gordon Allport Prize from Division 9 of the American Psychological Association (APA). In addition to authoring books, he has written numerous articles for academic journals that include Science, American Scientist, Psychological Bulletin, and Psychological Science. Myers has also served as a consulting editor for the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

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