Davidson is well-known for its men’s basketball team. (Photo by Steve Johnson)

Davidson College is a private liberal arts school based in Davidson, North Carolina. Originally founded in 1837, the school currently enrolls about 2,000 students each academic year, the majority of whom are enrolled in undergraduate programs. Davidson’s athletic teams are known as the Wildcats, and the school’s men’s basketball team has been in the national spotlight in recent years for its success on the court. Students who attend Davidson College have a few options on where to purchase their textbooks and course materials. These are the options:

The official on-campus textbook store at the school is the Davidson College Bookstore. Located right on campus at 137 North Main Street, this bookstore is open Monday through Saturday. The shelves are packed with all of the required and recommended materials students need to succeed in their courses. The options on textbooks include new, used, rental, and digital. More and more students are going digital, and the Davidson College Bookstore is fulfilling these increased needs of students by offering more digital e-textbooks. If you’re looking to save money, consider buying used or renting. In addition to textbooks, you will find lots of general books, accessories, graduation supplies, and a few technology items when you shop here. Be sure to sign up for the free e-newsletter on the store’s website to receive special offers and discounts on all kinds of items. Most items for sale in the store can be bought online and shipped right to you.

Main Street Books at 126 South Main Street is a nice local bookstore located close to the Davidson campus. When you shop at Main Street Books, you can pick up several academic and general books, many of which are used in freshman-level classes at the college. These may include literature books, history books, and science books. The friendly staff reps are willing to help you order any textbooks that aren’t available at the store as well. To find out if they can assist you, call the store at 704-892-6841.

The final option is to shop online for textbooks. By using Textbooks.org, you can view book availability and price lists of almost every textbook you could imagine. You can then see how certain prices stack up and decide which sites to use to buy your books from. It only takes a few seconds to get a comprehensive list of all the online booksellers offering the books on your list.