Jacksonville University basketball players (Photo by DeusXFlorida)

Jacksonville University is a private institution of higher education in Jacksonville, Florida. The school first opened in 1934 and now has about 4,000 students. Most students are enrolled in the school’s undergraduate programs. Jacksonville University’s sports teams are known as the Dolphins, and Nellie the Dolphin is the school mascot who attends many of these athletic events. Students who attend the university can choose from the following options when it comes time to buy their textbooks before the semester begins:

The official on-campus bookstore at the school is the Jacksonville University Bookstore. It is located at 2890 University Boulevard North. This bookstore is open Monday through Friday during traditional semester weeks. It sells new, used, digital, and rental textbooks. You can also sell your used textbooks back to the store to recoup some of the money you originally used to get them. This gets your old books out of your closet, makes room for new ones, and puts some extra cash in your pocket. Other merchandise available here includes discounted computer software and hardware, graduation supplies, Dolphins gear and apparel for you to show your school spirit, and general books for your reading enjoyment. School supplies like backpacks, pens, pencils, folders, and binders are also available here. The great thing about this store is that you can rest assured that you are getting the correct items since the Jacksonville faculty work directly with the bookstore’s staff members. Be sure to sign up for the free e-newsletter offered by the store.

College Book Rack Volume One is a local off-campus textbook outlet in downtown Jacksonville at 3520 St. John’s Bluff Road, #1. Although this store primarily serves UNF students, Jacksonville University students can certainly shop here and will find a wide selection of books and materials for their classes. Other community college students can find what they need here, too. College Book Rack Volume One is open Monday through Saturday. Lots of new, used, and rentals can be found on the shelves here. Just bring in your book list or give the store a call at 904-642-7582 to find out if they have what you need. You can shop on the store’s website for even more inventory. It’s a very student-friendly store, and there are lots of specials and discounts to help students with slim budgets save money on the items they need to succeed.

There is a second College Book Rack location in Jacksonville called College Book Rack Volume Two. It’s located at 4273 Roosevelt Boulevard. If you live in a different part of Jacksonville, which is a very spread out city, this store may be more convenient for you. It offers many of the same items as College Book Rack Volume One.