The Marist College Library (Photo by Katy Silberger)

Marist College is a liberal arts school located in Poughkeepsie, New York on the east bank of the Hudson River. It was first established in 1929. Marist College has a few campuses, but the Poughkeepsie campus is considered the main one. The school’s athletic teams are known as the Red Foxes. Shooter is the school’s mascot, and its official colors are red and white. Marist students know how important it is to shop around for college textbooks. If you attend the college and are looking for options on where to buy your books, these are the best options for you to consider:

The Marist Bookstore at 3399 North Road is the main textbook outlet at Marist College. Owned and operated by Barnes & Nobles’ college bookstore division, this store is fully stocked with all of the items that Marist College students need to succeed in their classes. The bookstore offers lots of options on textbooks. You can buy your books brand new. You can buy them used and save up to 25% off. You can rent them and save up to 50% off. Finally, you can buy digital versions of them for savings of up to 60% off. Although some books must be purchased brand new, it is wise to strongly consider the other options if your books are available in different formats or for rent. This store doesn’t just sell books, though. You can buy lots of other useful items here. School supplies, Red Foxes team apparel, graduation items like caps and gowns, and computer hardware and software are just a few of the many other products on the shelves. If you’re in need of a new laptop, be sure to check here because you can get an educational discount on one and really save a bundle rather than buying it online or from another computer store. This bookstore has student offers for other local retailers, so be sure to inquire about that as well. It’s open Monday through Saturday.

The Bookworm at 1797 New York 376 is a popular local bookstore in Poughkeepsie. You will find a wide variety of books, novels, and a fair selection of academic books and materials frequently used in first-year courses at Marist College. Plus the staff will work with you and will order any items you need for your classes. Call the store at 845-462-3873 to find out if your books are in stock or if they can be specially ordered for you.

There is a Barnes & Noble store not far from the Marist campus at 2518 South Road. Known for its quality items and superb customer service, Barnes & Noble offers a huge inventory of reading materials on all subjects, including several textbooks and academic materials. In addition, college students can pick up the Nook e-reader here for their e-textbooks. Be sure to check out the store’s website for a much larger book selection. This particular store is open seven days a week.