As an IT professional, there is no doubt that you take your responsibility seriously. IBM upholds this same standard of integrity and fairness in their certification tracks and exam practices. In order to ensure that these characteristics are uniform across settings world-wide, IBM has certain test policies that are expected to be agreed upon by candidates who are completing their certification requirements.

As an exam participant, you are not allowed to reproduce or disclose and exam content, in any form, to anyone else. During any IBM certification exam, you are not permitted to talk with other exam participants or reference their computer screens. You are not allowed to make any changes to any documents, including score reports and official certificates that are given to you as part of the certification process. Finally, you are not permitted to use any unauthorized written material, including course-work notes, published materials, or testing aids.

Because of these strict exam rules, it’s important that you take measures to ensure that your preparation includes practicing for the types of questions and time limits that you will face on exam day. Testslive produces material that will prepare you for any exam scenario and is one of the most effective tools for achieving the results you want on your IBM certification exam. With Testslive’s practice tutorials, combined with work experience and course training, you can produce your best result on proctored exams. Failure to abide by the above rules could result in the revocation of your IBM certification and/or suspension from IBM certification programs.