You won’t even need a calculator after usign this supplement! (Photo by Asim Bijarani)

At one point or another, we have spent a few minutes staring into space after reading a word problem in one of our math textbooks or after looking at a brain-bending formula that makes no sense whatsoever. Not to worry. Even though we have all experienced this, there is an item out there that can make your mathematical adventures a whole lot easer and, in some instances, a lot more fun.

Amazon has ranked MyMathLab: Student Access Kit as the No. 17 best-selling textbook – or in this case, textbook supplement – currently on the college textbook market. It’s not often that a supplemental material would be rated so well, which indicates how useful this item is.

This access kit gives students an access code for online use to get into the “MyMathLab” website. This site contains a personalized interactive educational system that allows students to learn math and statistics at their own pace without having to worry about where other students are in the learning process. It keeps track of each student’s progress based on his or her completion of the assignments and quizzes offered throughout the tutorials.
The “MyMathLab” platform offers the following tools:

  • Interactive tutorial homework exercises that go hand-in-hand with the exercises in whichever textbook a student is using: The program is run by algorithms, meaning an unlimited supply of math problems can be generated to give you as much practice as you personally need. The exercises include guided solutions, sample problems, and study aids. Feedback is provided for incorrect responses to each problem.
  • An e-book with multimedia learning tools: This comprehensive e-book contains a lot of useful information and resources along with selected problems from a relevant textbook and solutions for each one. Video clips and animations are also available.
  • A study plan for self-paced learners: This study plan is generated based on the results of how well each student does on his or her online assignments and quizzes. The plan offers guidance on which concepts a student should focus on in order to help he or she master them.

The access kit was put out by Pearson Education in July 2003. Although it’s already a bit dated, the “MyMathLab” website is fully accessible today and contains even more tools than what it originally had when it was first started. MyStatLab Student Access Kit is a “sister” platform to MyMathLab that focuses entirely on statistics.

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